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Příbram City

Příbram belongs to the famous historic royal mining towns. The part Březové Hory was an important place of mining, sooner. Příbram lies at the foot of Brdy-Mountains 60 km southwest from Prague. The oldest written reference date back to year 1216. Now, there live almost fourty thousand inhabitants.

Holy Mountain (Svatá Hora) is built in baroque style. This national cultural monument is an important European centre of the cult of Virgin Mary.
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Mining museum Příbram belongs to the biggest museums this type in the Europe. You can see a collection of mined out ore or you can have a ride with a little mining train.
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Aquapark Příbram. For Visitors: There are available swimming pool for adults and for children, with various attractions as for example swimming pool gargoyle, whirlpool bath, paddling pool, toboggans, sauna or steam bath. The area lies about 200 m from hotel.
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The matches of the football club FK Marila Příbram (the highest czech league) take place in "Na Litavce" Stadium.
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Club Peklo (with a discotheque) is situated in the the hotel area.


The airfield Dlouhá Lhota by Příbram (10 km) offers not only the possibility of sightseeing flights over the town, but also tandem parachute descents.

The New-Renaissance castle in Vysoká u Příbramě has been built in the year 1878. It become inspiration for the famous czech harmonist Antonín Dořák (together with the Villa Rusalka and Rusalka's lake). Distance from Příbrami is only 7 km.

You can look over castle Březnice less than 15 km from Příbrami. Originally Gothic fotress has been rebuilt into a Renaissance castle in 16th century. In the area of the castle is a Renaissance garden and English park (20 ha).

Castle Dobříš (middle of 18th century - rococo). The castle's garden architecture has very similar atmosphere as Viennese Schönbrunn. The journey from Příbram takes lower than 15 minutes.

Castle Hluboš lies 7 km from Příbrami. Originally medieval fortress, rebuilt at first into a late-baroque castle and then in the style of Pseudo-Renaissance. In the year 1920 this castle was the summer-house of the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk.

Castle Hořovice, the baroque building with the empire adjustments, lies 22 km from Příbram.

Once castle Orlík stood on the high rock above Vltava river. Now it lies only a few meters above the water level of dam reservoir Orlík, 25 km from Příbram.

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